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This is a bag full of unusual, weird, distorted sounds, bleeps and glitches with interesting yet sometimes questionable drum patterns.


IDM - "Intellgent dance music", now exclusively referred to in its acronym form, as the actual meaning sounded like it was taking the piss out of other styles of dance music for not being clever? Apparently the word "intelligent" was chosen because it had already appeared on Artificial Intelligence and because it connoted being something beyond just music for dancing, while still being open to interpretation. Voila!



Small - 2

Medium - 4

Large - 6

XL - 8


Preisab 14,00 €
exkl. MwSt.

Digger bags are essentially a service to get you those good hard-to-find records that aren't expensive (YET!) They were invented during the pandemic to provide a way for customers to reload their record bags while stuck at home. Since then, they have become a crowd favourite and evolved into hundreds of different flavours and personalities to suit diggers of all shapes and sizes.


Each record we think worthy is triple-checked and scrutinised until we are proud to put our name on each one. More often than not, it's just one track on the record for which it was chosen, as it doesn't happen every day to love every tune on an old rare record. For us, there is no better feeling when digging than to find a naughty B-side instrumental.


Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we didn’t hit the spot for you, we would love to fix it and to improve developing our service further. Digging for diggers is a tough game, but thanks to your continued feedback we will keep at it.

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