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Customers Feedback

Antoine Venard - “took the time to listen to everything and I’m super grateful for the time you took out of your own to hand write notes for me. It made the reveal even sweeter. Thank you so much” September, 2020

Lewis Oxley - “Really happy with the records. Just listened to them now! Thanks for taking the time to go through them again.”  June, 2020

Ethan McNamara - “ Love the trance ones slowed down, and 2 of the prog ones are mega sweet as well” May, 2020

Pepo - “duuuuudeee!!! just went through the records. Damn props to the selection man, really sick. Love all of them, gonna play them for sure tomorrow at our daydance” June, 2020


International postage in Switzerland has temporarily stopped but we have found a way! We will make your order straight away and keep you updated

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