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These are 6 carefully selected quality underground records for the finest of diggers focused on time and situation, and this one contains a combination of all three occasions: Peak time, Warm-up and Chill. We are very happy they are hitting the spot!


To make sure these Digger Bags are all on point requires a silly amount of work, so keeping them stocked up is extremely difficult but we will do our best.


Moving quickly when you see your favourite in-stock would be your best bet!


Thank you for your support as always!


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Impuesto excluido

If you are unhappy with something you receive, it's broken or it just hasn't hit the spot, please don't hesitate to contact us. We prefer to find a solution than to lose one of you, but before a classic refund we hope you'll give us a second chance to get it right. Some items might not be possible to correct and will need a straight up refund, but others like our Digger bags that rely on taste and can be made differently and can easily find a happy ending with a bit of extra communication. In any case we must state that we can not pay for it's sad return journey home, and so by purchasing anything from us, you take the hit on the postage. We hope that sounds like a fair deal, but tell us if you feel differently. We are two people running the show and want to keep improving, so we need you guys speaking the truth. 

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