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We fell in love with the city after our first trip in August and went pretty much every week after that, squeezing in as many visits as we could. Not too far from the old shop with a quick train to Paris and an even quicker drive to Marseille, it was geographically perfect. For the rest of the year, it was turbo mode, juggling with the logistics and admin of it all while keeping the shop and party series running in Switzerland, and flying off almost every week to DJ somewhere, probably biting off more than we could chew. Fueled by gratitude and excitement, it was the busiest period of our lives by far and bordered on complete chaos if it weren't for the sacrifice of everything else.

The biggest challenge we faced was funding it all. We knew we had products and services that people loved, so we re-purposed them to create a crowd-funding-style campaign on our website. We then reluctantly reached out to our trusty followers in our time of need. Luckily the response was unreal, we reached our target in time and it gave us all the more reason to get things done. We then had to make over 500 packages!

We closed our doors on NYE with a special in-store session to close the chapter (THO & KRN on the decks). The day after we packed up as much of the shop as we could in a van and hit the road, ping-ponging back and forth for the next couple of months. We were incredibly fortunate to meet some amazing people in Lyon who got fully behind us with the move, and it's a credit to them that we had some amazing options on the cards. We had much better knowledge of the city by this point which made the decision easy, and then came an anxious waiting game until this very day!

What does this news mean for us now?

We are locked into our new premises for at least 9 years in an area that is protected by the local council and reserved for projects that add to the artistic culture. We get the keys in June and then is time to call in the troops. At the minute there's a huge list of mandatory jobs before the real fun starts, and then we will be sure to keep you updated! Until then our website is up and running and you should probably take a look ;)


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