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It's official! The LEGRAM fam is separating on the 31st of December 2022.

We've had a decent run ❤️

Paul on one side, specialising in natural wines, craft beer and local goodness, and us with underground electronic music and parties. We shared this magical building together for 4 years and no chance we would have made it this far without each other. It was a beautiful partnership bonded by this magical spot. They thought we were mental to renovate a broken building in this random place! 😅

Now we both have to fly the nest to bigger trees. Unfortunately, Mr Paul will not be following us to Lyon city… yet? 😉 we’ve heard he and head chef Alba have some special plans of their own!

Support our next phase by going onto our PHASE 2 page and buying yourself something sweet! We have 25 days left but a long way to go. Thank you for all the love and support!

Some LEGRAM before and afters:


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