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We are officially moving to Lyon in 2023!

We started visiting Lyon after doing a questionnaire on our Instagram combined with checking out the purchase location data from our Digger bag orders. Then, after a lot of chat and advice from friends, the decision seemed like a no brainer, and not venturing too far away from the current shop is important to us. A bubbling scene there too!

We’ve just come up for air in the thick of the most hectic month we’ve ever experienced, but now that we’ve made some big moves towards Phase 2, we have come back home to give some much needed love to our current building. Next up is Halloween where we will open for a full weekend digathon from 28th - 30th, and we’ll be keeping the doors closed until then so that everyone coming in from far and wide can enjoy the most wicked shelves the shop has seen, in the name of Onur Ozer. (Sold out)

Thank you for all the crazy support! We are at 11.3k with nearly 200 contributions, what a start! It’s absolutely mental to think that this might just all work out. Super excited to get all these Phase 2 goodies to you and put your names up on the “Wall of Legends”.

There are still plenty of items available on our website if you want to get involved! Some won't be around for long though ;)

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