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The Reptilians are coming!

What makes a Reptilian? Step forward our fun-loving cartooned heroes of today: International Mac, Frd and Reusbi.

This incredibly talented Berlin based crew are making a splash for all the right reasons, with their rebelliously bright and endearing style, and ferocious appetite for all corners of their uniquely shape-shifting House and Techno continuum.

What started out life as a loose band of likeminded DJs and popular Youtube channel, originally aimed to shine a light on obscure yet killer dance records, contained a tongue-in-cheek reference to a fictional Illuminati-esque DJ “lizard elite” that were hoarding, “sharking” and pricing these golden gems out of the market. Soon creating a stir online with their colorful digging skills, they were quickly scalped for eye-catching sessions at Hoppetosse, as well as invitations all across Europe to London, Paris, Kiev and more.

Gaining some well-deserved hype in the process for their consistent dives into everything from Electroclash to tasteful Funky House, with a refreshing ability to find dancefloor heat and attention grabbing moments in areas others cannot. All the while never taking themselves too seriously (as some of their Berlin contemporaries unfortunately tend to do) they rightly earned a reputation that has quickly flourished over the last few years as respected purveyors of their party focussed sound.

With a noticeably care-free (and quintessentially french) abandon towards what is considered ‘en vogue’ combined with seamless skills in the DJ booth, they are clever enough never to fall into any tired or derivative ‘organ house’ cliches - this is smarter, braver, edgier sounds for both the kids and the heads on the dancefloor, putting them firmly amongst some of the best newcomers around.

Now with a burgeoning label and an essential mix series too - join us at LEGRAM VG on 26/03 for an extended session with the whole 192GMBH crew and support from local legend DJ Bogdan, but be fast: early bird, first and second release tickets are already SOLD OUT. This is not one to miss. ➔ Tickets


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