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True Professionals...

Their slick output, impeccable booking invitations and a refusal to let the culture fade, became a beacon of light during the depths of the COVID19 pandemic. Their live streams from Hoppetosse gave hope to those in lockdown, wondering if we would set foot on the dancefloor in the same meaningful way ever again, by bringing a little slice of the magical Berlin boat directly into our homes.

Snap above - 2022 - LEGRAM VG live stream

Fast forward two years later… a desire to take things to the next level and a campaign for an entire new season of content resulted in a swell of international support, and a successful Kickstarter campaign with 257 backers pledging over 10,000EUR to keep the wheels in motion - a testament to how much respect they had gained from a community that clearly valued their contribution.

Now the Berlin-based curators and organisers have become highly regarded tastemakers in the process, broadcasting some of the most exciting DJs in venues across Europe: from Berlin, Milan and Paris, all the way to their recent endeavours in such uniquely exotic locations as the Egyptian desert. Giving vibrant underground artists in the ascendancy a deserved platform to show their rich talents, and exposing them to new audiences with the trusted MUDD Show seal of approval that comes along with it.

Snap below - 2019 first show with S.moreira live.

We asked the gang a few questions before their trip to LEGRAM:

“Could you describe the philosophy or the motivation behind The MUDD Show?”

"We all moved to Berlin around the same time and we were going out a lot to party together. At a certain point we wanted to start our own thing, basically wanting to connect people, specifically those based more remotely with music we love. This led to the original format of The MUDD Show which was a live music show that we live streamed on Facebook. Then when the pandemic hit, we were forced to change our approach and we put all our energy into live streaming DJ sets. At that point providing some form of connection for our music scene through the internet became necessary on a local level. From then as the restrictions went away we've tried to keep this up in different ways."

“Any link there to the famed 80’s hotspot Mudd Club, New York?”

"Yes, exactly. The story goes that The Mudd Club offered something different to the glitz and glamour of Studio 54, focusing more on live performances and art galleries. This was a source of inspiration in the early days of the project."

“Did you realise at the time what an impact the streams were having during the pandemic?”

"The first few months of the initial lockdown in 2020 were a bit of a blur to be honest. We were just trying to stay busy during that period. It wasn’t until the summer that year when we started meeting up with friends again that we realised the impact it had. We were and will always be very grateful for the thanks we receive from anyone who tunes in to watch a stream."

“And what in particular makes an artist or crew a good fit for you guys?”

"Hard to say really, but it’s typically a vibe that is gauged through meeting people or across social media. With LEGRAM VG for instance, we’ve always been fans of what they’re doing and felt that the store would be a perfect place to stream from."

“What are your plans for the rest of 2022 and beyond?”

"This year, we’ve been collaborating with different crews across the globe, with the aim being to highlight local artists in those areas. We're continuing this with upcoming collaborations in Europe and we’ve also got a couple more events at Club der Visionaere this summer."

Now making the transition from virtual live streams to a rapidly expanding schedule of international physical parties and festivals we are proud and humbled to present the latest edition of The MUDD Show live and direct here in Renens, where we bring a stacked afternoon of LEGRAM talent, with faithful friends of the shop both local and far afield.

Our unsung heroes. Nos diamants bruts.

Certainly with a reputation that precedes him, those in the know tip him as one to watch. An exciting chance to see the young prodigy in action.

Atmosphere guaranteed. A ferocious appetite and passion for tunes, he consumes music morning, noon and night, searching for the perfect beat.

An optimism and unwavering smile that translates directly into his selections, Adrien creates a timeless upbeat energy that never fails.

(Oscar VG & Anaïs Liro)

Need no introduction. The new in-form power duo coming to a club near you soon…

Representing our much-loved UK contingent, Mugpie extraordinaire Ryan brings a simmering strain of breaks and electro. Always super stylish sounds.


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