In collaboration with Picnic Records, who have already stamped their mark on Fabric R1 and across Europe, including some eye catching parties in the Netherlands most recently over the summer. With their refreshing no-nonsense policy towards booking strictly quality DJs - it is with great sadness that another date slips by that was penciled for greatness. The 31st was set to be LEGRAM x PICNIC: Presents Truly Madly & Andy Luff (Picnic) but global restrictions have once again forced us to postpone this offering. But in words of wiser men, “you can’t keep a good dog down for long…” so we invited friend of the shop, Ethan McNamara, to wet the whistle and give you a little taste of what is (hopefully) just around the corner:

Truly Madly has been a name that has floated within sophisticated circles for years as one of it’s best kept secrets. A particular stream of digger, hunting for the forgotten rave sounds perfectly suited for modern dancefloors, he shares the patience of homegrown UK talent, such as Jane Fitz, Gwenan, Carl H and Andrew James Gustav alike. Taking the time to perfect their craft and do things right before stepping into the limelight. Seemingly in no hurry to take his rightful place amongst the higher echelons of the worlds best diggers, Madly dropped a series of self-released mixes on SoundCloud over the last ten years, that perhaps flew under the radar initially, but have slowly but surely became the talk of our particular little corner of the dance music stratosphere.

Dreamworld, Mown Verge, False Cribbage, to name but a few. Ask your DJ friends and they will have their personal favourite for sure. Legendary mixtapes that have not only stood the test of time but somehow sound as fresh as ever, without the need to attach to hyped-up brands, by letting the well-deserved attention come to him, and not vice-versa.

Now highly respected amongst his peers and punters alike, his reputation for vibrant sounds sees him playing at some of the highest quality underground parties in Europe.

A vastly experienced digger, spanning decades of once overlooked house, breakbeat, electro, garage and more, the deep wells of special records at his disposal make for endless smiling faces on the dancefloor that pick away at the fruitful timeless zone of 90’s leaning bliss that Mr. Madly himself coins as DEEPRAVE™.

With a keen ear for detail and flawless programming that comes with his years of experience his sets tend to flow full of the gorgeous, loved-up, morning ecstasy that has become one of his trademark sounds.

An understated dedication to understated euphoria. Minimal fanfare, with maximum effect.

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