Our Downtempo section is full of moody tones, chilled instrumentals and mellow beats with the occasional indie crossover. Generally 50 to 90 BPM, and sometimes without percussion. We often put slow, rolling, hip-hop in there and sometimes jazzier flavoured stuff too.



Small - 2

Medium - 4

Large - 6

XL - 8



We specialise in second hand underground dance music. The majority of our stock is sourced from DJ collections around Europe with help from our music mogul friends.

By making a purchase you are supporting a small independent record store and all the cultural traditions that come with it. We support independent artists and work directly with labels as much as possible. 

We are so grateful for the amazing support so far, this joyful corner of electronic music is filled with the nicest people in the world. We will do our best to keep the positive feedback rolling in. Thank you to the moon! 

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