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We are forced to close our spot in Renens, Switzerland with only 4 months left! We need to leave this beautiful building at the end of the year as they are demolishing us to build some apartments and we have no other option than to start the next phase.

Over the past few years, we've lived the dream in this little oasis built purely for the love of tunes. We have dedicated our lives to making the best record store we could and have had so much love and joy from this place, and we hope all who have passed through felt the same. We arrived in a broken building and are now leaving behind a fairytale of a place, but we can't mess about crying over it...

We hope to transform another spot, but we need support. We are calling upon any of you legends to contribute if you like what we do and want to see us continue doing it in a new location, we could even be moving closer to your neighbourhood, who knows? ;)

We have morphed our website into a crowdfunding campaign for the next two months to fund the mission. On there you'll find every fun way we can think of to get behind us, and we hope at least one of them hits the spot for you! We will keep you up to date on our website/socials and emails (if you subscribe) on the mission's progress and where exactly your contribution is going.

If we nail it in time for the 1st of December, we will get all your goodies over to you asap! We estimate you'll be enjoying your package within two months after the campaign finishes. If we don't reach our goal, then at least we can say that we tried our best, and you will receive your contribution back immediately. Let's do this!

We've definitely had more than a few moments in this amazing spot...

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